Stamford Park in Altrincham

It’s one of the features that make Altrincham an urban and cultural town. This park at Moss Lane is made accessible to the public but may be restricted or closed during certain times. There are 4 entrances to the park. The park is made up of lovely features including ponds, club house, pavilions, greenery, gardens and snakelike paths linking these points. The layout adopts both informal and formal features. This urban spaces are set aside for relaxation and sports. The park occupies an area of about 6.5 hectares of land which was previously considered as a health hazard but was reclaimed.

Founding of the park

It so happened that the park came into being at a time when there was an influential trend to create space for gaming inside public parks. Following this trend, Stamford’s 7th Earl made a donation of land for the establishment of the park. It was initially 3.2ha but later bulged to the current 6.5 ha. John Shaw produced its design with his son later implementing it. After donation in 1878, it took the designers and builders 2 years so that the park was opened in the year 1880.

The site was however not a favorable one. It was initially water-logged wasteland which used to produce noxious gases. This forced a reclamation project through draining the water off. This solved the health hazard issue by providing a sanitary measure and valuable land for recreation.

Park features

The design of the park allows for many notable features that make it what it is. The landform is composed of ponds, sports pitches, pleasure gardens, a lodge, paths and others. There is even a special place for winter sports where snow accumulates facilitating ice skating events. There are football and cricket pitches within the park for the best of sporting events. Animal sculptures are also found to the south part of the park. There is a brick made building that houses public conveniences, a store and is next to a small parking set aside for the public and staff. The building came a replacement for old glasshouses. A children play area is also present to take care of the youngsters. Plants within the park cannot be left behind. They contribute a great deal to the outlook of the park. They are well maintained and trimmed for the best of beauty at the town center. Linking all the important points within the parks are sinuous paths.

Management of Stamford Park

It’s a facility under the local authorities. It is hence open to the public. People can go there for relaxation or the sporting activities in the pitches. This municipal site is open on daily basis but restrictions may apply occasionally. And ust down the road you can visit the local football team Altrincham Football Club!

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