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Options for home flooring

As you undertake your new home project, one of the considerations you need to focus on is the kind of flooring you prefer. If you fail in bringing out the best of flooring needs initially, things are not all lost. You have an opportunity to change things with a remodeling project. There are so many flooring options out there in the market. What is inadequate is the information about the pros and cons of each option. This leads to people making mistakes on which option suits them best. You can go for tiling, carpets, wood flooring or what have you. Let’s overview some of the wood flooring.

Solid hardwood Flooring

It’s a flooring option made up of pure wood. Starting from the sub floor to the exposed floor its solid wood. There are no additional materials but sawn timber. The hardwood flooring can be prefinished or unfinished which is cheaper. Cheap is an advantage for unfinished solid hardwood flooring but it also comes with vices including need for sealing, staining and sanding. Prefinished option however is ready for use after you install it. Bamboo flooring is also under the category of hardwood flooring although it is a grass. It’s an environmental friendly option. With regular sanding, you increase the lifetime of your solid flooring.

Due to the need for a wooden structural sub-base, solid hardwood flooring requires that you hire an expert to do the installation. It is also a fact that wood tends to be vulnerable to scratches. To cure this problem, you need to pick the best type of wood right from the beginning. You cannot pick this flooring option for moist rooms. Learn more about the benefits of solid wood flooring here.

Engineered wood

This is the modern manufactured wood composed of plywood and finishing covering. Plywood is the hard and structural part that goes underneath while the finishing on top is basically for aesthetics. For this reason, the plywood takes most of the space of the flooring. Engineered wood enjoys the benefit of dimensional strength and is somehwat of a speciality of Altrincham Flooring. This means that it can withstand more moisture without getting damaged unlike the solid wood. You have several installation options including nailing down for thin engineered wood and floating floor installation for thicker options. No sub-floors meaning even DIY installation will do. Fast wear however affects this option. 22 times of sanding will help lower the rate but over 3 times of sanding will weaken it.


It’s not a wooden option only that it has a finish that appears like wood. It’s a new trend being adopted in the construction industry even for metal doors that appear like panel doors. The top thin layer is simulation of wood although it is made of resins. This makes the option to retain the appearance factor perfect while extending the resistance boundaries to even the moist environments. Its however hard to walk on.