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What is the best wood flooring for offices?

Life is all about making choices, so they say. It is common for people to make mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes are worse than others. If you pick the wrong flooring option for your bathroom, at least that’s your personal problem and you can deal with it. When in business, things change. It seizes to be about you and becomes about the clients. You have to strive to perfection in all areas to attract more clients than your competitors. You definitely can’t afford to make a mistake in picking the right flooring for the office.

Wood flooring is generally seen as the suitable option over other flooring types especially for commercial settings. That’s because wood is best where there is no moisture interaction. Other benefits including warmth, good acoustics and comfort also raise the suitability of wood flooring for office use. Even then, not all wood flooring options will suit just about any place. There are many considerations that you may be required to consider including traffic levels, maintenance, service life, budget and much more. Let’s explore the different wood flooring options and discover the best one.

Hardwood flooring for offices

You have walked into many offices and am sure you must have seen hardwood flooring in most of the offices. Despite its adoption for many years, it continues to be a strong contender. That’s simply because of its prominent features including its lovable style that never wears off. With hardwood finish, your office beauty is elevated. You can feel it. Other benefits include easy cleaning with mopping and vacuuming regularly and long lifetime. Where high traffic and activity happens inside the office, this remains the best option. Moisture damage which is the major downside of this option can be mitigated by picking a pre-finished option. Other than absorbing the dust like the carpets do, it traps it so that you can clean it away. Regarding the price, it can be more expensive than other options. So, is this the best option for your office? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Engineered wood for offices

Looks like the hardwood flooring only that it is structured differently. Clever tactics are applied to improve the functionality of the engineered floor with benefits noted on its wider application even in areas of higher moisture. However, not many offices are known for water environments. It is easier to install and scratch resistant. Cleaning and maintaining is easier. It is a durable option and comes with a wide range of options within it. Basically no difference from the hardwood only that this one is more artificial or manipulated than the natural wood. It is however a cheaper option that can save you a lot of dolars.

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