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Benefits of engineered flooring

You have no option but to pick the best flooring option for your home or office. When you go choosing among the many options, you better substantiate why you are picking one and leaving the other. Make sure you interrogate both sides of your options. I will help you for the case of engineered flooring. It’s a popular flooring considered by many. But why do they have eyes of it while there are many other counterparts in the market? We are about to find out.

  1. It’s wood

Of course it’s different from the original wood flooring but from the eyes, there is no difference. The appearance of it will in no doubt fool you. After it is installed, no one will easily note that it’s not the real wood flooring. Things are even better as engineered wood exceeds the performance features of the solid wood. It is clear that you can’t use solid wood in humid rooms like bathrooms. The engineered option however can be comfortably used there.

The cleaver tech used in its making is to be applauded. Contraction and expansion properties are more stable than in solid wood. It’s the main reason why they fit in bathrooms where temperatures are known to fluctuate to the extremes. It can hence be able to resist damage.

  1. A durable option

Engineered flooring is composed of plywood and a finishing wooden layer. The plywood beneath is where the focus is. The layer below is made of crisscrossing wood layers bonded together which translates to a tough and super strong grid. It can hence be able to resist heavy traffic and footfall. Whether in commercial or residential settings, engineered wood will stand the test of time.

  1. Easy to install

Unlike the wood flooring that requires expert installation, this one is easier. There are several options for installers including flooring flooring, easy nail down etc. If you are experienced or have an idea of what to do, you can proceed on with installation. Trust you me, it won’t turn to be a deal trouble. However, if it’s your first time, you need to seek professional assistance.

  1. A cheaper option

It can be perceived to be super expensive flooring project, but it’s not in real sense. First, you may not require a contractor to have it installed for you. Second, purchasing the engineered wood does not force you to rob a bank.

  1. A wide range of options

You are not limited to one form of engineered wood. Instead, you have plenty to choose from with regard to textures, species, grain pattern, budget, appearance and others. You can pick the grade matching your kind of lifestyle.

It is also possible to sand the engineered wood for better appearance with time. Find out more about engineered flooring options @ Altrincham Flooring.

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