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What is the best wood flooring for bathroom?

Picking the best flooring for the lounge may be simple. That’s because there are so many options that will fit there comfortably. When it comes to the bathroom, you are left with fewer options. When you narrow it down to specifically wood flooring options, you are left with even fewer options if not one option. Once you have considered other ordinary factors including durability, aesthetics, cost, strength and others, you are left with one giant to deal with. And that’s the water factor. Bathrooms are all about the water, sometimes hot other times cold. This makes it even trickier to pick the right option. But you just have to read between the lines to know which wood flooring option does it right inside the bathrooms.

Engineered woodfor athrooms

Technology has forced people to manipulate the natural products to come up with better products that suits their purpose. As a matter of fact, hardwood flooring is out of topic here. It cannot be used inside a bathroom. If you go for this option, it will work, just not for long. Wood is vulnerable to water and moisture damage. You can bet it will wither in months.

That’s why engineers had to dig deeper to invent what will appear exactly like the hardwood flooring but stand the moisture test. So they did. Engineered wood was the solution they found. This is a combination of plywood on the underlay and a water resistant top layer. However, it still can’t be trusted for heavily water logged areas. Installation however is a go. It’s easy to install for the various options available including nailing down and floating subfloor. Not so obvious though especially for starters. You still may be forced to incur the contractor cost if you have never done it again. Sanding is another issue. You cannot sand the engineered wood for over 3 times without seeking professional assistance. However, being in the bathroom, you may not require sanding in the first place.

Laminate flooring for bathrooms

It’s not wood but it imitates the wood only in appearance. The top layer is made of tough resin that is water resistant while the bottom layer is made up of wood-chip composite. You can be fooled to think its wood but it’s not. Other properties favor the bathroom conditions with water resistance, easy installation, durability, highstrength leading the way. Since it’s a soft layer, it is easy to clean.

On the negative, this option is considered slippery posing accident risk in the bathroom when combined with soap. Sanding the laminated flooring is impossible. However, this problem can be addressed equitably by going for the a bit textured options.

Picking the best one between the two will depend with your lifestyle learn more: www.altrinchamflooring.co.uk.

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