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The best wood flooring for kitchens

Your kitchen joins the bathroom to be among the special rooms that will require exceptional attention for flooring. It can be tricky to consider wood flooring for the kitchen. However, different wood flooring options have been used here before and proved efficient. Like they perform excellently in other areas, wood can also deliver even in the kitchen. You just need to pick the right one. Other than the water consideration, the kitchen requires other considerations including the traffic level and hygiene. Are you considering carrying out a remodeling project for your entire home? You must be wondering which wood flooring will suit your needs. Join Altrincham Flooring in the search.

How about solid hardwood flooring?

It’s the natural wood like you know it. This option is best for aesthetics. The grains of the hardwood are hard to find giving the kitchen a sense of life and elegance. Furthermore, there are various options at the table. You can pick one of the many hardwoods like oak, mahogany and others of different grain patterns, textures, colors and what have you. Hardwood is hard to resist damage even for high traffic in the kitchen. It’s also hygienic in the kitchen as it does not absorb dust but leaves it on top for you to easily clean or mop. Even though you don’t leave there, you spend more time inside there and am sure you won’t mind some warmth in the kitchen. Moisture damage is the downside of this option. These days however, the problem is half solved with refinishing. Stains and scratches common in the kitchen can also be solved with sanding. You will however need a heavy pocket to have it in your kitchen. Many consider this option in the lounge and save some dollars by going for another option in the kitchen.

Engineered wood

This option also has its ups and downs. It’s considered an improvement of wood flooring. It’s a sandwich bringing layers of plywood and a finish coat. The focus is on the top layer which is what you see. This coat is basically wood meaning that aesthetics are unaffected but other functionalities are improved. It’smore water resistant and installation is easier. Issues of moisture damage are well checked for this option.

Laminate flooring

Not wood but appears like wood. The fact that it carries along with it the wood appearance of elegance but better functionality makes it a strong contender. However, it might not be a suitable option with its slippery nature and can’t be sanded. Issues of staining and scratch vulnerability that affect real wood are of no concern any longer.

As you consider the following three options, you should consider other factors including your budget, traffic resistance, maintenance and much more to go for hat matches your lifestyle.

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