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England is popular for the best of football all around the country. People here talk football. And not only at the national level with regard to the premier league. There are so many other smaller clubs that play in the smaller leagues, all working hard to climb up. It’s this kind of competition that makes the fun love everything about English football. Well, Altrincham FC is among the small teams based in Altrincham town. Football here is classified as semi-professional taking part in the northern premier league division. The Robins (the team’s nickname) have their home ground at Moss Lane which has a seated capacity of 1154 but can hold up to 6085.

A bit of history if Altrincham Football Club

First, it’s how the club came into being. It started as Rigby Memorial Club back in 1891, the year it is believed to have been founded. In 1893, the title later changed to Broadheath after the coming together of Grapplers and the Rigby teams. Finally in 1903, the club settled on Altrincham as their title which stands to date.


Altrincham is not the club you see performing excellently. It has been that way from the past. It’s probably why the club had to go down this year being relegated as the last club in the northern league. That is however not to say that the club has not had its good sides. It’s part of the clubs that have made great football history in many occurrences in the past. They have won the Cheshire Amateur Cup, Manchester League, Cheshire senior Cup just to mention a few. Poor performance at some points in the 20th century was overturned with the brining on of Jackie Swindells player. This is the man who broke the record having a run of 82 goals in a single 1965 – 1966 season and 120 goals in 2 seasons. This contributed greatly to the club winning the Cheshire County League Cup in both consecutive seasons.

The FA cup performance

In England, the FA cup is a different level of football that brings together all the football teams regardless of the league. Altrincham has taken great advantage of these opportunities taking down the perceived giants weighting way heavier than then ion football rating. In fact, the club is on record for eliminating more giants than all other clubs especially being a small team per se. 17 clubs of the football league have been knocked out by Altrincham including Barnsley, Wigan, Birmingham, Blackpool, Sheffield unites and many others.

Derby football

It’s a culture in English Football for clubs to have their bitter rivals. For Altrincham, it’s the Macclesfield Town. It’s a historical rivalries that have grown in intensity to date. That is because the two clubs have played in the same leagues for many years competing for the same honors.

The club looks forward to a successful season next season.

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