England is known for the plenty of attractions it has. It has endured a lot in preserving its old histories and cultures even in the modern architecture. This is visible in the cities and towns within the country. Altrincham is one of the towns counted in. this is a market town that was founded early in the middle ages. It’s located in Manchester and with an estimated population of over 52,000 residents. Like other towns, it started small as a market place and throughout the years, it has recorded great strides of growth to what it is today.

Where is Altrincham?

As mentioned, it’s within the UK. To be precise, the North West England in greater Manchester. If you are in London, you will need to travel 259 km North West. People at the city center Manchester need to travel only 13 km to the south west direction. River Mersey is yet another feature you can refer to when determining the location of our topic town. Don’t go to the north of the river. Look for the town to the south of the river. Warrington town lies east of Altrincham at a distance of 16 km.

History of Altrincham

A lot has happened here in Altrincham some of the events being dated way back in the middle ages. That’s why this town is treated as one of the perfect examples of mediaeval towns. 1290 is the estimated time when the town came into being. Then, it was all about agriculture and hence a market town. The town was however to take a different direction with many developments later coming up. 1765 delivered one of the developments being Bridgewater canal extension to reach the town and 1849 when the railway was built. These were the two triggers of industrial activity that led to the rapid growth of the city to the level that nearby villages had to be absorbed into the city. Dunham City Hall is one of the ancient homes that were brought into the town center and remains a tourist attraction to date.

History of this town is not complete without mentioning the romans. To date, there is a track record of evidence of their existence and dominance in the town. Parts of the Roman Roads exist. It is also a town that was not greatly affected by the World War II and hence it’s booming in the 20th century. However, the town also experienced challenges and epidemics including cholera and typhoid outbreaks in the 19th century.

Modern day Altrincham

The view of the town now shows a calm region that is rich in culture and attractions. Old market place is regarded as the surviving site of the initial town centre of Altrincham. The town is a home of sports and a venue for other great events. Altrincham retail park is seen to have replaced the heavy industrial activity that used to exist before. The town hall is a meeting venue and a community facility refurbished recently.

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