Altrincham Town Centre

Altrincham town has had its history rich in the past. It continues to add ticks to its history to date. The town center is a special place to be both for shopping and as an attraction. It’s one of the exceptional places around the entire UK presenting a mix of shopping outlets for a wide range of products if not all. The market at the heart of the town is rated among the best in culture preservation. This among many other factors such as independent retailers make the town center a place to be for shopping, leisure and trading. You can find everything you want right here.

Shops along George Street

It’s a pedestrianized street designed for the purpose of business. This street is ever busy with easy access from the bus, train and tram stations. You just have to walk for few minutes from or to these stations. Along the street, you will find all manner of shops along. These include retailers such as River Island, Next, Boots, Wilko, Paperchase, The Entertainer, Fraser, Spenser among many others. These street brands contribute towards making the town center a hub of local trade.

Restaurants in Altrincham

No town is complete without restaurants and hotels. Altrincham perhaps is more than complete with its many restaurant outlets located at the town center. For sure, the food industry has been on the boom with more restaurants opening. These include Cote Brasserie, Fox, Tavern on the green, Farina and many more. These offer the best of regional best foods as well as outside flavors; whichever you want.

Bars in Altrincham

Altrincham as a town has received growth in the recent years visible not only by the increased construction works of buildings and roads but also in the night time economy. Bars and clubs facilitate the best of leisure and night business in the town center. More bars continue to spring up every year in the town. Some of these include Porta, The Con Club, Sugar Junction, Après Wine bar, Hale Wine bar among others. These are classic designed for both indoor and outdoor seating together with plenty of fun activities. You can have fun all night long.

Independent retailers

Business is simply excellent inside the Altrincham town center. Independent stores join the restaurants and bars in offering the best of north west England products. These include jewelry, home furnishings, gifts, fashion, art and other products. Walking along the streets such as Stamford New Road, Moss Lane, Greenwood Street and others will bring out the special offers.

Market days in Altrincham

Outside the ordinary shopping days comes the special market days when you can expect special offers. Tuesdays, Fridays, and weekends usually comes with surprises for shoppers. Specialty goods from best local artisans and regional products of top quality are showcased in all stalls.

Shopping is enhanced at the city center with available parking, a wide range of food and drink shops, Altrincham market, shop mobility, free Wi-Fi and public transport.

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